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dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Russian nuclear icebreaker.''50 Let Pobedy'' (50 лет Победы)

The Last ship of the famous Arktika class:

Arktika (1975) - Sibir (1977) Rossiya (1985) Sovjetskij Soyuz (1990) Yamal (1992) 50 Let Pobedy (2007)

One of the latest Russian icebreakers, ''50 Let Pobedy'' is flying the Russian flag and serve at company ''ROSATOMFLOT'' She was laid down as Construction number 10521 at Baltic Shipyard whish started at 1989, but the construction was halted an delayed by the break of the Soviet Union. After receiving new funds, her construction was restarted in 2003 and in the beginning of 2007 she was completed and ready for seatrails in 1th February 2007 at the Finnish gulf. Her homeport is the city of the cold North ''Murmansk'' Some main techinical specs: Tonnage:23,439 GT, Displacement:25,840 tons, Length:159.60 m (523 ft 7 in), Beam:30 m (98 ft 5 in) (max), 28 m (92 ft) (waterline), Draught:11.08 m (36 ft 4 in)

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